Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to Grow Gardenias from cuttings?

Hi there! a friend of mine gave me some cuttings from his gardenias. at the moment i have them in a cup with some water, i dont have any growth hormone powder, but i was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to grow them, do i have to add any fertilizer into the potting mix. thank you all.
How to Grow Gardenias from cuttings?
I personally like the Dip N Grow Hormone Gel. It works great and you should start to notice significant root and stalk development in 1-2 weeks. Any kind of anti wilt spray half diluted can be applied to maintain healthy looking leaves untill the root base takes hold. Also, If at all possible keep the cuttings in evenly moist soil with not not much water, and some sort of clear humidity dome over them. If you have a dome covering the cuttings then the amount of times you have to water will be reduced ALOT, and the plants will maintain a healthier luster while the develop a root system.

As a side note, make sure when you are taking cuttings or planting cuttings, that you trim any excess node sticking off the side of the stalk with a clean razor blade. This will help prevent the growth of mold and fungus by preventing the cutting from rotting at the base where it was once attached to the mother plant.

Hope this helps!
Reply:Clear container of water....you should see roots in 1-2 weeks, then transplant to pots.
Reply:I hope this clip should help u

Reply:Propagated by greenwood cuttings in spring or by semi-ripe cuttings in summer. Prefers humus rich, well-drained neutral to acid soil. Takes full sun or partial shade. Best with regular irrigation, soil be kept moist in summer. Sensitive to iron deficiency.

Now, before to start the planting that make sure you got a good planting soil mixture includes superphosphate fertilizer / soil sulphur / processed chicken manure / sequestrene / slow release compund %26amp; peat humus. With that soil mixture can start. Now, I suggest to put first in small pot and try cover a plastic with small holes to evaporate. Avoid over watering for about one week.
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